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Satya White Sage Air Freshener (HSN : 33030090)

280.00840.00 (incl. tax)

The White Sage air freshener produces a light, fresh scent that never overpowers and pleases the olfactory senses.

30 ml Bottle


If you love scents as much as we do and enjoy sprucing up your room with quick, incredible boosts of freshness, it is time to indulge in Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP’s enticing new range of Air Fresheners inspired by Mother Nature. Drive away all the bad scents and allow these light bursts of fragrance to purify your homes.

A well balanced and pleasing scent can change the entire aura of a space or a person’s mental state due to the evocative nature of smell. No more scrunching your nose every time you get a whiff of something nasty…just keep one of their new air fresheners close by!

Note: Shake well before use. Hold the spray can upright and spray away from the face and body.


Pack of 1 Box, Pack of 3 Box