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Satya Nagchampa Incense 15 Gms (HSN : 33074100)

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Incense burning is seen as the first step for healing, one that purifies the air and infuses it with a pleasant fragrance. Our unique signature line of premium incense products are a blend of hand-rolled herbs, floral extracts and essential oils using the traditional Indian masala technique.

  • 15 Gms x 1 Box
  • 15 Gms x 12 Boxes

This blend happens to be the world’s most commercially successful incense blend. It is the first secret recipe formulated by the founding family of Shrinivas Sugandhalaya and has stood the test of time as the most loved flora incense worldwide.

Imagery evoked : Dew drops on a leaf on a misty morning

Description /  Positivity

Key Notes : Earthy, Harmonizing

Use : The exotic Nag Champa blend is known to cleanse spaces and purify the atmosphere. The aromatic incense is a great tool for meditation and reaching states of deep relaxation.

Quantity : 15 Gms x 1 Box,

15 Gms x 12 Boxes



Pack of 1 Box, Pack of 12 Box